9.1-RELEASE:::1:::Security Updates to BIND and libc
9.1-RELEASE:::2:::Security Updates to BIND and OpenSSL
9.1-RELEASE:::3:::Updated kernel with VIMAGE support
9.1-RELEASE:::4:::Security Updates to NFS
9.1-RELEASE:::5:::Updated kernel with ipfw NAT options for Warden / Vnet
9.1-RELEASE:::6:::Updated world environment with PC-BSD/TrueOS specific enhancements
9.1-RELEASE:::7:::Bugfix for freebsd-update utilty to ensure critical files always get updated
9.1-RELEASE:::8:::FreeBSD SA-13:06 - mmap security update
9.1-RELEASE:::9:::Disable FSC from autostarting
9.1-RELEASE:::10:::Add encryption module PEFS to base system
9.1-RELEASE:::11:::Fix a kernel panic with VIMAGE + Bluetooth
9.1-RELEASE:::12:::Enable PCDM login manager
9.1-RELEASE:::13:::Re-Enable GDM as default login manager
9.1-RELEASE:::14:::Fix a bug in freebsd-update preventing upgrades to 9-STABLE
9.1-RELEASE:::15:::Correct an issue with freebsd-update creating a backup kernel
9.1-RELEASE:::16:::Correct an issue with freebsd-update creating a backup kernel
9.1-RELEASE:::17:::FreeBSD Security SA-13:07/SA-13:08 update to BIND & nfsserver
9.1-RELEASE:::18:::FreeBSD Security SA-13:09/SA-13:10 update to sctp & multicast
9.1-RELEASE:::19:::Freebsd-update fixes when switching to a new version
9.1-RELEASE:::20:::FreeBSD Security SA-13:12/SA-13:13, ifioctl / nullfs
9.2-RELEASE:::1:::Update to FreeBSD 9.2-RC2 world/kernel
9.2-RELEASE:::2:::Update to FreeBSD 9.2-RC3 world/kernel
9.2-RELEASE:::3:::Enable DTrace and bugfixes to system updates
9.2-RELEASE:::4:::Bugfix mounting ZFS root pools from 9.1 upgrade
9.2-RELEASE:::5:::Enable DDB and crash-reporting along with PC-BSD version
9.2-RELEASE:::6:::FreeBSD SA-13:11-13, and latest 9.2-RC3 (09/10/13)
9.2-RELEASE:::7:::Update to FreeBSD 9.2-RC4 (09/11/13)
9.2-RELEASE:::8:::Remove VIMAGE from default GENERIC kernel
9.2-RELEASE:::9:::Update to FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE (09/27/13)
9.2-RELEASE:::10:::FreeBSD Updater Errata notice 13:04
9.2-RELEASE:::11:::Bugfix to pc-updatemanager doing major branch changes
9.2-RELEASE:::12:::Apply FreeBSD Security Fixes SA14:01 - SA14:04
10.0-RELEASE:::1:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-RC2 12/18/2013
10.0-RELEASE:::2:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-RC3 12/30/2013
10.0-RELEASE:::3:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-RC4 01/3/2014
10.0-RELEASE:::4:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-RC5 01/3/2014
10.0-RELEASE:::5:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE
10.0-RELEASE:::6:::Enable /etc/rc.d/zfs script at startup
10.0-RELEASE:::7:::Fixes to RTLD for PBI runtime
10.0-RELEASE:::8:::Update to OpenSSL for upcoming FreeBSD Security Fix
10.0-RELEASE:::9:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:05 - SA-14:06
10.0-RELEASE:::10:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:07 - SA-14:09
10.0-RELEASE:::11:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:05 and SA-14:10
10.0-RELEASE:::12:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:11 - SA-14:13
10.0-RELEASE:::13:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:14
10.0-RELEASE:::14:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:15 - SA-14:16
10.0-RELEASE:::15:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:17
10.0-RELEASE:::16:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:18
10.0-RELEASE:::17:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:19
10.0-RELEASE:::18:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:20 - SA-14:23
10.0-RELEASE:::19:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:24 - SA-14:26
10.0-RELEASE:::20:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:27 - SA-14:28
10.1-RELEASE:::9:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:27 - SA-14:28
10.1-RELEASE:::10:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:30
10.1-RELEASE:::11:::FreeBSD Security Update - SA-14:31
10.1-RELEASE:::12:::Version bump - Reverting test patch
10.1-RELEASE:::13:::Update rc.conf.pcbsd defaults, speed boottimes
10.1-RELEASE:::14:::Support for Intel Centrino 6235 Wifi and DTrace fixes
10.1-RELEASE:::15:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:01 (OpenSSL)
10.1-RELEASE:::16:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:02 - 15:03 (sctp/kmem)
10.1-RELEASE:::17:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:04 - 15:05 and EN 15:01 - 15:03
10.1-RELEASE:::18:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:06
10.1-RELEASE:::19:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:07
10.1-RELEASE:::20:::FreeBSD Security Update SA 15:08 - 15:09
10.1-RELEASE:::21:::Fixes to FreeBSD Update
10.1-RELEASE:::22:::Fixes to FreeBSD Update
10.1-RELEASE:::23:::FreeBSD Errata Update EN 15:04 - 15:05
10.1-RELEASE:::24:::FreeBSD Updates EN 15:06- 15:07 - SA 15:10
10.1-RELEASE:::25:::FreeBSD Updates SA 15:13
10.1-RELEASE:::26:::FreeBSD Updates SA 15:14 - SA 15:16
10.1-RELEASE:::27:::FreeBSD Updates SA 15:18 - SA 15:19
10.1-RELEASE:::28:::FreeBSD Update SA 15:20
10.2-RELEASE:::5:::FreeBSD Update SA 15:20
10.2-RELEASE:::6:::FreeBSD Update SA15:21-15:22 EN-15:15
10.2-RELEASE:::7:::FreeBSD Update EN15:16-18
10.2-RELEASE:::8:::FreeBSD Update SA 15:24 (rpcbind)
10.2-RELEASE:::9:::FreeBSD Update SA 15:25 EN 15:19-20
10.2-RELEASE:::10:::FreeBSD Update SA 15:26
10.2-RELEASE:::11:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:01-06 EN 16:01-03
10.2-RELEASE:::12:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:07
10.2-RELEASE:::13:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:08-16:10
10.2-RELEASE:::14:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:11
10.2-RELEASE:::15:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:13-15 EN 16:04-05
10.3-RELEASE:::1:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:17 EN 16:06-08
10.3-RELEASE:::3:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:18-19
10.3-RELEASE:::4:::FreeBSD Update SA 16:20-23
10.3-RELEASE:::5:::Disable VIMAGE
9-TRUEOS:::1:::Updated freebsd-update.conf and kernel ipfw NAT options fo Warden / Vnet
9-TRUEOS:::2:::Update to FreeBSD 9-STABLE (06-02-2013)
9-TRUEOS:::3:::Bugfix for freebsd-update utilty to ensure critical files always get updated
9-TRUEOS:::4:::FreeBSD SA-13:06 - mmap security update
9-STABLE:::1:::Re-Enable GDM as default login manager
9-STABLE:::2:::Update to 9-STABLE/9.2-BETA1 07/19/2013
9-STABLE:::3:::Fix a bug with a second -p2 showing up in uname output
9-STABLE:::4:::Update to 9-STABLE/9.2-BETA1 07/25/2013
9-STABLE:::5:::Update to 9.2-BETA2 07/30/2013 & sshd fixes
9-STABLE:::6:::Bugfixes to freebsd-update
9-STABLE:::7:::Bugfixes to freebsd-update
9-STABLE:::8:::Bugfixes to freebsd-update
9-STABLE:::9:::Update to FreeBSD stable/9 @ 09-06-2013
10-STABLE:::1:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-BETA2 @ 10-29-2013
10-STABLE:::2:::Update to FreeBSD 10.0-BETA3 @ 11-01-2013
10-STABLE:::3:::Fixes to update manager when changing branches 11/13/2013
10-STABLE:::4:::Update to FreeBSD stable/10 @ 11/18/2013
10-STABLE:::5:::Update to FreeBSD stable/10 @ 12/05/2013
10-STABLE:::6:::Update to FreeBSD stable/10 @ 12/15/2013
10-STABLE:::7:::Update to FreeBSD stable/10 @ 01/03/2014